Netanyahu will meet with Baltic leaders in Lithuania

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Нетаниягу встретится с лидерами стран Балтии в Литве

Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday will become the first Israeli Prime Minister, who will visit Lithuania, where he will hold talks with the leaders of the three Baltic States.

On Wednesday, August 22, reports The Times of Israel.

Netanyahu’s visit will mark his desire to improve ties with Eastern European countries, whose support would receive more heavily than other EU countries.

According to an unnamed source, the Prime Minister during his visit which will last until Sunday, to meet with the leaders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

It is worth noting that Netanyahu is making efforts to find support among the European States, particularly among countries that can serve as a counterweight to the criticism which the Jewish state is often faced with West European countries regarding their military policy in Gaza.

He also sought to convince European countries to exert more pressure on Iran after the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers, and re-applied sanctions.


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