(WATCH VIDEO): Idris Elba Finally Speaks On Becoming Next James Bond


Idris Elba Finally Speaks On Becoming Next James Bond

British actor Idris Elba seems to have broken the hearts of 007 fans after he firmly shuts down rumors that he’ll be the next James Bond.

About two weeks ago, rumors began to swirl on the internet that James Bond producers were considering Elba for the role of 007.

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A few days later, Elba himself had a little fun with this round of rumors with a few cryptic tweets about playing Bond. This sent the internet into a fury of speculation and even rage, that Elba could be considered.

However, it is understood that the actor was attending the premiere of his directorial debut, Yardie, when a reporter for Good Morning Britain asked a straightforward question about it.

The actor had a blunt one word answer to offer those holding out hope on whether he was going to play James Bond or not.

“No,” Elba replied.

Watch video below:

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