Cardi B Reveals She Needs To Use Duct Tape To Lift Her Boobs Up After Giving Birth — Watch


Cardi stunned in a backless blazer at Paris Fashion Week, but a lot of behind the scenes work — and tape — went into making that happen! Watch the rapper rant about how giving birth ‘did her dirty.’

Cardi B25, is getting a boob job and she isn’t afraid to talk about it! The rapper and new mom shared the funniest footage to Instagram on Sept. 27 to show off the duct tape wrapped around her shoulders and chest to keep everything perky for her Paris Fashion Week ‘fit. She looked glam with a pink smoky eye and her hair pulled back away from her face, and we never would have guessed how much silver tape she was wearing when she stepped out in a backless black blazer and fringe shorts. She could have gotten away with it, but ranted about it on social media to all of her followers instead.

“This sh*t is crazy,” the rapper said. “I have never done this sh*t in my life, but f**k it. I have to f**king tape my t*tties up because, son, giving birth and sh*t. Like, my t*tties was already a little low low because I got my t*ts done when I was 19 and I never wore a bra, but while I was pregnant, my sh*ts was looking nice, though. Nice! Now Kulture did me filthy. I don’t give a f**k if y’all motherf**kers see me going in November or December, I’m getting my t*ts done. Matter of fact, I’m not even gonna call it surgery, I’m just gonna say a t*tty renovation because I gotta renovate these sh*ts.” Does it get any more real than Cardi B? We love how honest she is with her fans.

But whether she needed to tape her boobs her not, she looked incredible. Doesn’t matter what she had to do to get there!

And this wasn’t the only time Cardi blew everyone away at Paris Fashion Week. She looked just like Beyonce when she stepped out in a high-slit gown on Sept. 25, complete with a huge hat. She looked so good that if she doesn’t show us a photo of Kulture soon, we just won’t believe that she gave birth two months ago.


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