OAP Toolz advises singles, says ‘marriage is not the ultimate goal in life’


Famous Nigerian OAP Toolz has taken to advising single people through her Instagram page. The pretty curvy woman counselled that marriage is not the ultimate goal in life so ladies and gentlemen who are yet to be married should not be in any rush.

Toolz whose real name is Tolu Oniru has been giving her own dose of advice every now and then on the Instagram platform. While she is a big fan of love and romance as shown from her relationship with her husband, she has advised people not to rush into marriage.

In passing this salient message across, she shared a photo on Instagram inscrbed with these words: “Being married is not the ultimate goal of life. Being happy and at peace is.”

Then, she also wrote a caption in which she told single people the consequence of rushing into marriage due to the pressure from friends and family members.

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According to her, the same people who pushed people into journeying on the path of marriage withdrew themselves abruptly when their victims begin to face problems within their relationships.

“Imagine letting people rush you into marriage…only to end up miserable with the wrong person….and then the people that pressured/rushed you leave you to deal with your mess?? Don’t let anyone rush you…. ❤”

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Several fans and friends of the media personality very well agreed with her. Some even added their own quota of advice. An example is @akintimehinabosede who had this to say

“Happiness comes from within….only you and you can make urself happy.A happy marriage is just an icing on d the cake.Icing or no Icing…D cake will still be sweet.Be happy Always!!!!”

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This is not the first time the OAP who is married to Tunde Demuren, a popular pilot and friend of Banky W, is doling out such advice. Only recently, she shared a piece of advice telling women to be financially independent.

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