Lady’s heart melting post about emotional abuse goes viral


– An American nurse has touched many people with a powerful write up on emotional abuse

– Identified as Kesley Baker, she addressed the issue of manipulative partners in relationships and urged people to walk away from such toxicity

– The post has since gone viral on Facebook with several thousand shares on the platform

Although cheating is a common problem in most relationships, several other factors have been known to cause problems in relationships, one of which is abuse. While some people would rather suffer this emotional and physical abuse than leave their partners, others are speaking out.

This brave American lady identified as Kesley Baker has probably had enough as she recently took to social media to share her experience while urging people who are in abusive relationships to walk away as they deserve love and happiness too.

She took to her Facebook page to write a rather powerful and heart wrenching piece on emotional abuse, sharing details from her own personal experience. The post receive major reactions on the platform and has since gone viral with over 80k shares.

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College student’s powerful note about emotional abuse goes viral

College student’s powerful note about emotional abuse goes viral
Source: Facebook

She wrote:

“Maybe he doesn’t hit you, but he makes you apologize for getting upset after something he did to hurt you. Maybe he doesn’t hit you, but you have to walk on eggshells every day to ensure he is satisfied enough to remain calm and happy. Maybe he doesn’t hit you, but he steals your sense of comfort and security leaving you paranoid and “crazy”. Y’all….. this is so serious.

So what he brought you flowers on Tuesday and made you feel like a princess. Yet caused you to cry yourself to sleep on Wednesday over a “suspicious” guy liking your picture. Maybe he bought you earrings and made you feel so secure on Friday, but told you Saturday night he’s going to sleep with someone else all because you decided to stand up for yourself for once. Maybe he bought you tickets to the John Langston concert and made you feel so beautiful as you curled your hair and put on your jean skirt before you left.

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Just to crack your phone on the concrete and make you sit on the sidewalk ugly crying because he was jealous of a guy who stood near you at the concert. Maybe you did everything right but he still wants to victimize himself just so he doesn’t have to put in effort to right his wrongs.

This is not okay. And you are not at fault. Do not apologize for his mistakes. Do not let him tear you apart to build himself higher. You are worthy of love and happiness and respect. Please don’t wait for him to change as he carelessly rips apart your soul and everything that is you. Please don’t tell yourself it’s okay or ever allow yourself to get used to it. He is broken. Do not let him break you.”

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