Sony PlayStation 5 Could Be Out By 2021


Sony has been doing well with the PlayStation 4 (PS4) although the gaming community is anxiously waiting for a new console to come out. The long wait may finally come to a close with Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirming that it is necessary to release another console soon.

According to the Financial Times, Sony is contemplating on a new game console although it may not be called the PlayStation 5. Either way, such as a welcome development considering Microsoft is also set to unveil a new Xbox console as announced at E3 2018.

With a PS5 happening, most are now wondering what new features it would come with. Right now, the PS4 continues to dominate the market, topping the Xbox One in worldwide sales. Given that scenario, there is a chance that Sony may come up with a new game console with minor improvements. Being a new console as well, it is likely to have a backward compatibility feature to make sure that PS4 games can still be played or migrated -depending on the game title being played, BGR said.

News about seeing a PS5 soon should be something to monitor although it may take years to develop. Sony plans to use the next three years to evolve the PlayStation 5, meaning it may probably get launched by 2021 at the earliest.

Hence, all information from this point should be taken lightly unless Sony comes up with some credible update on what the PS5 will feature. Pricing will be a concern for most although the word out is that it could retail between $499 to $599. Again, the suggested price will depend on the features that the base game console model will have to offer.

Streaming games are likely to be one of the features since these are offered on the PS4 and the PC through its PlayStation Now subscription service. Accessories and display capability are other aspects that most would want to learn about, not to mention the new games that could debut alongside it.

Whatever the case, Sony has its work cut out in the coming years. Sony has so far enjoyed big sales numbers with its current and past consoles, meaning projected sales should be better.

So far, the best selling game console is the original PlayStation which sold over $102.4 million. Sales for the PS3 dipped a bit at $83.8 million while the PS4 has sold 80 million units to date although the numbers are expected to rise further, Game Spot said. These are important numbers to consider for Sony, likely part of their planning for the PS5 or whatever they plan to call it.


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