NASA launches silent SUPERSONIC jet that could cut flight times in HALF


NASA pilots flew the QSF18 supersonic research aircraft, which doesn’t generate sound.

Usually, aircraft breaking the sound barrier generate a huge sonic boom sound, but NASA’s jet only produce a quiet “thump”.

The space agency said the purpose of the tests was to monitor how people and sensors on the ground would react to the so-called “thump”.

Project manager Peter Cohen said: “QSF18 is a big step in NASA’s efforts to understand what is required for acceptable supersonic overland flight. 

“QSF18 is a big step in NASA’s efforts”

Peter Cohen

“This is the first time in decades that we have reached out to a large community as part of our supersonic research. 

“NASA has performed similar tests at our Armstrong Flight Research Center, using similar sounds created by the same F/A-18. 

“We’ve measured the noise levels and the impact on structures, as well as surveyed people for annoyance, to make certain that these tests are safe and well-planned.”

Mark Geyer, director of the space agency’s Johnson Space Center: “NASA’s role as a leader into new frontiers paves towards technology, opportunities, and milestone across multiple endeavours, as we have always done through our history.”


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